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layer with reckless abandon


defy the invisible

need a little warm-up?

inclusive fashion
original design

Glory Box Designs is a textile design fashion label that encompasses cheeky design irreverence, quirky subject matter and in-jokes littering beautiful designs with a flagrant disregard for subtlety. Designed by Lara Cross, who believes that bright colours and busy prints aren't mutually exclusive to good taste and decency.

Glory Box Designs makes clothes for women who are sick of being dictated to. We aim for comfort, colour and style using our own fabrics and beyond to make clothes that make you feel like yourself. We are anti-ageist and anti-sizeist.

We flip the bird to convention. We fight the invisible women syndrome.

Designed in our Sydney studio and are small-batch, short-run and slow-made. We screen-print by hand, and hand-make all the jewellery in the studio, and use low-waste initiatives. We encourage you to buy smart, buy suitable and style well with your existing wardrobe with workshops, styling advice and buying guides.  

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