extreme closeup

a bit of fun with some with good friends, some of our favourite pieces and a bit of reckless abandon



Model- Silvana Stefanovic-Riley

HMUA- Theresa Mc Carthy

Photography- Lara Cross

About the Jewellery-

We just wanted to do some casual photos to show just how the earrings translate to the 'real' world. Just all earrings in extreme close-up with nothing to hide. Thea came in to do hair and make-up but apart from that this is the footage we shot that day, no retouching (in fact, little culling, we liked so many we used a lot of them here!). Here's the secret to choosing your Glory Box- get the piece that makes you sing, gasp and shriek. That's the one. 

About my model-

Silvana's story is an excellent tale of how to succeed at Instagram in the shortest time possible. Known as @embellish_or_perish she started in late 2016 after meeting Advanced Style photographer Ari Seth Cohen, and has since dominated the space with her infectious charm and warm heart. We have become great friends since we met, and have since discovered that we are cut from the same maximalist embroidered, sequinned, bedazzled cloth.