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a printed tribute to our disgracefully ageing rockstars. 

let the good times roll

(and rock).



Models- Sharryn Morris, Meg Stuckey

Photography- Lara Cross

You might recall that 2016 was actually known for a high celebrity death-count, well, Lara picked none of them.The glorious idea behind this print range all started with the death of David Bowie. While the crowds cried and paraded, Glory Box wondered why we wait to celebrate these wonderful lives? Sharing her birthday with Bowie and Elvis, Lara wanted to do a tribute print story to those gone and those still standing. Working with the lofty concept of eight 'tracks' (prints) she then also created a concept album called "Attack of the Invisible Women" 

Listening to some of her favourite and most influential bands, a range of motifs appeared and consequently the prints have names like 'Elvis' Jumpsuit', 'Lucy in the Sky' & 'Keef's Reef'.There are a few screen print designs too, notably the 'Welcome to the Jungle' print named for Lara's beloved Guns n' Roses. Leggings, skirts, dresses and other vibrant pieces were all printed and made here in Australia and made for a fun and easy wear collection.The range was shot with two women who are anything but invisible, Sharryn (aka The Stylish Woman) and Meg.