Handmade and handcut fauxpal pieces made with our distinctive Glory Box technique of layering colour with our own fabric designs and assortment of textures. Fabrics are reclaimed from the cutting room to make sure that we minimise as much waste in our process as possible. This also means that there is a finite number of pairs that can be made, so each style is a limited edition. 

These earrings are aqua tinted fauxpals embedded with silver foiled silk in our "Chrystal Habit" print. (Sounds siniter? Well actually they were sugar chrystals, but I love that your mind went there. Learn more about the stories behind the prints on the print page) Finished with oragne and teal tassels, reclaimed silver leather and hand-spotted resin beads on a sterling silver hook. Great Autumunal shades (and not a speck of pink in sight!), lightweight and measuring approx 7cm/3". 

Fauxpal- Silver Silk and Aqua with Blue and Orange Tassels