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Archival Glory Box original prints are reimagined as handbags, with each fabric dictating the size and style of the bag. Prints are encased in durable, easy to clean plastic that you can leave anywhere, kick around and wipe down when you get home. Bags are made for living, so fill them up and get amongst it. We reclaim, re-use, restore our fabrics and leathers, and any markings should be considered an individual quality that makes your piece more special. Glory Box has a conflicting view of leather use, so we use offcuts, seconds and rejects from mass-production in an attempt to keep them out of the massive waste created by the fashion industry, so please when you find these 'flaws' give yourself a pat on the back that you are being part of a sustainable future. 


The Toadskin print was inspired by the Cane Toad, an epic fail of species introduction to Australia that is legendary in its scope of breeding, inability to jump and sheer ugliness. Used here in a khaki base with a soft gold metallic and outlined in a rose puff, this is a colourway of defiance from Glory Box. With strong brown leather handles, and double stitched seams, this bag measures;


Base 33 cm, Height 37 cm, Top width 47cm, Base Depth 18cm


This size of this bag has been described by soccor-mums as "Amazing!", "About Time!" and "Now no-one will know I have three boys with all their crap shoved inside!" *


* No children were harmed in the making of this bag. 

Khaki Toadskin Shoulder Bag

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