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Can't see your favourite print? Dreaming of something special? Then this is the place for you. Did you know that I *love* doing custom designs? So if you have seen one of my scribbles, or you found a print but would like the colours adapted for you, please get in touch via the old email machine. We can work it out then we will use this page to process it for you. 


The benefits of ordering MADE TO ORDER include reduced fabric wastage by only printing what is needed, you are able to get a wider range of sizes, and you can order any print from the Glory Box back catalogue. Some of these prints have never been available in ranges before so you are able to create a fully customizable wardrobe. 



Make sure you check out our PRINT page to chose your print, then enter the name of the print below. Select your size and complete your order. You will recieve a confirmation email from me once I have placed the order. For new prints I will be able to confirm the scale with you before we go ahead, so expect a few back and forths. 

Turnaround time should be under two weeks from when I place the order, so patience is key. 


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