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Once apon a time there was a king. Not just 'a' king, but, THE KING. Elvis ruled supreme across the land and invented the most crucial wardrobe element- the Rhinestone Jumpsuit. Born from his love of karate and his need to be free, the man actually designed it himself in one of his many (legal) drug fuelled odysseys. I, for one, can't thank him enough. The Eagle jumpsuit is the inspiration behind this print, in a sassy mix of EVERY COLOUR AVAILABLE. Did you know Elvis and Bowie share a birthday? The background of the print I used Bowies lightning bolt, which, as original as Mr Bowie was, he did borrow from his birthday buddy. You can share in the love of January 8th by wearing your own.

This print is now in the MADE TO ORDER category, meaning there is about a two week time from order to dispatch.  Please note that all MTO are on a matte lycra. The benefit of this means more sizing, less waste and options to customise your print. 


S fits Australian sizes 10

M fits Australian sizes 12

L fits Australian size 14

XL fits Australian size 16

Leggings-Takin' Care of Business print

SKU: TCB0101
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