There's a million colours involved but there are no two ways about it- when silk and resin meet, magic happens. Made with the Bloodsdream fabric print embedded into the resin, no two pieces are alike. Sure there was a time where I wuld try to line them up, but that lasted about five seconds. The fabric print was done on silk, and has its brilliant colour preserved make it a wearable kaleidescope. The great irony of this necklace is that it has the most colours of anything I have ever made- yet it's the most wearable, the most classic, and the piece most often selected by those just starting to flirt with statement pieces. Maybe it does prove that bright colour and good taste aren't mutually exclusive after all.  


Classic Glory Box signature style statement necklace, finished on leather with adjustable length button fixture in matching embedded resin button. There is a finite amount of the fabric, so there is a limited (yet unknown) amount of these pieces that can go into production. It is also available in the Bad Boy style, please get in touch if you need a bit more size in your statements and we can adapt to your needs.

The Beaded Claw- Bloodsdream