I think we all know how I feel about blusey greens and greeny blues, and if you don't know, maybe you should pay a little more attention! The piece in questions really showcases the beauty of resin as a frozen-in-time type object, how it manages to look fluid while retaining it's claw form. There's an art to pouring these, and depending on the temperature and where I put them to cure, which colour I pour first, and indeed, which colour I use (red and pink are notoriously difficult!) and any little change of angle...everything affects the outcome. The Claw in the picture is pretty much the epitome of the perfect pour- it's got swoon written all over it. 


This is our classic shape and signature style Glory Box statement necklace. The Claw is your perfect starter piece, throw it on and be done. Finished with adjustable resin button. No two are alike! We also offer the option of beading, in case you want to add a little personal touch. Not big enough? This one is available in a Bad Boy style, too. Or why not see how it looks mixed with another of your favourite colours? We are happy to oblige your whims! 


The Claw- Seafoam