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The print that started it all. The first time I said "Wowee, I have found my signiture style"...and look at those colours! A classic colouring if ever there was. I should have called it "I can't believe it's not pink!". If youre a Glory Box fan but err on the side of natural and neutral, this is the print for you. 


If we dont have your size in stock, there is about a two week time from order to dispatch, we can let you know wait times on order. Leggings are printed on a soft vibrant matte sports lycra.The benefit of this means more sizing, less waste and options to customise your print.



XS fits Australian size 8,

S fits Australian sizes 10,

M fits Australian sizes 12,

L fits Australian size 14,

XL fits Australian size 16.



Wowee Original Leggings

SKU: woweeoriginalleggs
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