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Welcome to my new Blog

Well, I can't say I ever saw this happening, but here we are. I am blogging. I used to write an introduction every month of so on the cover of my website but in the interest of clarity and cleanliness (and my new approach to negative space...shocker) I have moved all of my very clever ramblings to this page. I have been making BTS videos for you to enjoy my processes of printmaking and design, as well as a few informal chats and I hope that I will be able to add some useful tidbits and how-to's as time goes by. So, please if there are any topics you'd like to get my opinion on, please get in touch. I am going to assume there is some sort of comment feature involved so you should just be able to type away. Let's learn together eh? ;-)

Meet the Alchemist

#introduction #BTS #welcome

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