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who is glory box designs?

I am Lara Cross,

I am Glory Box Designs,

This is my mission. 

I believe that it's high-time that fashion made us feel good about ourselves. Whenever I make something for Glory Box, I ask one question "Will my Mum want to wear this?". I am all for women and I am sick of fashion making us feel bad about ourselves. I am taking a stand- it's time for us to wear what we want and when we want.  

It is with a cheeky design irreverence that I approach my print design, using quirky subject matter, in-jokes and a flagrant disregard for subtlety. I am political and ironic, and I like to use my prints as a platform for my opinions. Fashion is so frivolous, why not use it for the greater good sometime? 

I create easy wear resort style garments, and make statement jewellery ranges that are created from resin completely by hand, using vivid colour distinct shapes (and often including the fabrics themselves) meaning no two pieces are alike. I screen-print by hand, and make all the resin jewellery and often do the patternmaking in my studio in Sydney. I share my process a lot though my social media, and also welcome you to visit my studio if you're ever in town. 

For me, there is no leaving any woman behind, and I make clothes that all sizes and all ages can be comfortable in. I am  firm believer in the power of a good outfit, and I love to share my knowledge through my ranges workshops and hands-on at the markets. For Glory Boxers, there's only one rule-



- Lara 

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