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indulgent metallic textures used to showcase the new low-key, the new classic and how we do 'basic' 


Model- Lara Cross

HMUA- Theresa Mc Carthy

Photography- Lara Cross

Welcome to winter, with warm tones, luscious textures and some some deeply delicious combinations of shape to get you all warmed up.  

In this collection we indulge in classic geometry, and have created a series of statements that focus their energy into our unique rough-cut fauxpal technique with layers of metallics foiling, some incredibly subtle prints and silk strands. Less reliant on some of our more show-stopping techniques, this collection comes in a range of sizes and is easily worn from day to night by allowing fauxpals to do the talking.


Basic doesn’t mean boring when Glory Box is involved.


Made using a range reclaimed metallic leathers, the odd tassel and some wire wrapping techniques, and introducing three new colours into our fauxpal palette- Uluru, Lightning Ridge and Ocean Road. Inspired by rugged Australian landscapes that can swing from one extreme to the nextby nightfall . All of our jewellery is made by hand, from resin shape cutting to the final earring hook twist.


So hunker down and layer up, we will bring the earrings, you bring the reckless abandon.

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